Creation Astronomy Propaganda Debunked 02

In this episode, we’ll look at a couple of bogus attempts to undermine science related to Lunar and Solar astrophysics.

I apologise for the somewhat erratic sound/volume in this video. I did not record it all in one go, and I have no idea what I’m doing in iMovie. The next one will be better.

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Various multimedia in this video was created by NASA/ESA/JAXA/ESO/Berkley/Exeter

1. I apologise, this is just completely wrong. It was thought up until 1965 that Mercury was tidally locked to the Sun, but was proven to have 3:2 spin orbit resonance. That means for every 2 years on Mercury, there are 3 days. One Mercurian year is about 88 Terran days and one Mercurian day about 59 Terran days. I think I was once told that Mercury *was* thought to be tidally locked with the Sun, and confused that to mean it was the current consesus. Again, sorry!

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Creation Astronomy Propaganda Debunked 02 — 25 Comments

  1. Ah, the spiritual …
    Ah, the spiritual successor to Why Do People Laugh At Creationists series!

    No pun intended fellow skeptics 😉

  2. “……plus he’s a …
    “……plus he’s a huge twat.”

    Oh that cracked me up.

    This was one of the best videos I’ve seen for a while; great music, fantastic images, complete ownage and recognition of the brilliance of Sunshine!


  3. AWake,

    Look up the …

    Look up the rotation of the solar wind along the sun’s magnetic field lines until decoupling at the sun’s alfven radius. this can account for a significant amount of lost AM as the radius of decoupling is much larger than Rsun. i did this for a project in my final year astro subject at uni.

    great vid btw, keep it up

  4. you say lift we say …
    you say lift we say elevator you say lorry we say truck you say we say duchebag that guy looks like a real duchbag

  5. Sigur Ros!!! I love …
    Sigur Ros!!! I love that song… I had a similar experience in both South Africa and Botswana… breathtaking…

  6. can anyone tell me …
    can anyone tell me what song is that in the moment he puts those slides of the sun?

  7. Winning the …
    Winning the argument at all cost is a tragic hallmark of ‘Creationism’… I remember those little comic pamphlets you could find on the bath room floor at high school. What would be presented as a ‘major’ case for current science; turned into a bunch of tea-cup storm prediction. I watch these folks and wonder,’Why do you even bother debating ‘science’ when you have no desire for how nature works and what can be projected from a well understood model? the win is not how much snake oil is sold?

  8. “not square root of …
    “not square root of ‘minus one’ complex” LOL!! This has just made my day!! I am a math major and I started laughing when I saw this! xD

  9. Huh, the bible …
    Huh, the bible doesn’t say anything about Lunar and Solar astrophysics.

  10. @pilotwave Well, …
    @pilotwave Well, winning against creationists is like cavemen against modern warfare. We got the ammunition while they’re playing with rocks. xD

  11. @MrJmm999 and @ …
    @MrJmm999 and @BlizBob
    The Hubble images are taken with a combination of filters then combined in their respective colors to make a color image. It’s sort of like how a television screen combines red, green and blue pixels to create the illusion of a color image.
    The Hubble can image in visible, near infrared and some UV light; not radio or X-rays. If some images from the Hubble are taken in the infrared – a light we cannot see – some false color approximations are made or we wouldn’t see it.

  12. @ …

    starting at 2:47, I do apologize.

  13. Use of Daft Punk …
    Use of Daft Punk music (starting at 9:50 ) = win.
    Use of Humor in Slides = win
    Use of Logic/Science to Defeat the forces of Stupid = win to the nth power

    You, sir, are what I consider “made of win”.

  14. I love this series, …
    I love this series, the pwnage is great, but it’s the science that is the best. Learning soooooo much about astrophysics and cosmology! Thanks so much for this series. Between you and DonEx I’m becoming a educated idiot! Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

  15. I don’t see why you …
    I don’t see why you have to put the music behind you talking. It is only irritating. Are you really expecting me to read what you have printed, listen to you talking and listen to the music?

  16. Why is it, that …
    Why is it, that everyone who makes these videos has a great voice?

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