Is it possible to attend Astronomy Graduate School with a Major in Mathematics and Minor in Statistics?

I am currently going into my senior year in college with a major in math and minor in statistics. I have been told when thinking about grad school that I don’t have to limit myself to studying math, that I can go into different fields having math as a background. If this is true (is it?) then would studying astronomy be possible?

No, you can’t enter an astronomy grad program right now. They expect the equivalent of a physics major, and almost all of them require the physics GRE, covering material you would have learned in intro physics I and II, modern physics, classical mechanics, electricity & magnetism, thermo & statistical mechanics, math physics I and II, optics, and quantum mechanics. Surprisingly, astronomy isn’t required, mostly just physics (and you’ll need some computer science as well) but astronomy helps a lot. Now, you could apply to an astronomy grad school, but you will need to take a lot of these physics classes first or find a low-ranked program willing to let you catch up before starting the masters work (you’ll need to do the masters work before starting the PhD even if you enter a PhD program with a bachelors).

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