Creation Astronomy Propaganda Debunked 02

In this episode, we’ll look at a couple of bogus attempts to undermine science related to Lunar and Solar astrophysics. I apologise for the somewhat erratic sound/volume in this video. I did not record it all in one go, and … Continue reading

2012 Questions: NASA Astronomer Responds to Conspiracy Theorists

Complete video at: NASA scientist David Morrison shares some of the most outrageous questions and comments he has received regarding 2012 and Nibiru (“Planet X”) conspiracies. One of his favorites? “I am getting tired of all the CIA and … Continue reading

Creation Astronomy Propaganda Debunked 01

The pilot episode of ‘CrAP Debunked’. If you liked this video, please help to spread it. Various images/videos produced by ESA/NASA/ESO. Errata: 1. The phrase “Infinite volume hypothesis” is incorrect here. I meant to say either “Infinite density hypothesis” or … Continue reading