Amateur Astronomy Sky this Week for May 30 to June 5, 2010

The asteroid Ceres passes through Messier 8 the lagoon nebula on Monday and Tuesday evening — photo op! Only 3 hours and 17 minutes of astronomical darkness on Saturday evening. Not many mosquitoes yet fortunately. Comet C2008 R1 (McNaught) is … Continue reading

Astronomy in the Tetons

Headed south and managed to find a great secluded spot for astro in the Tetons. Friday 21th Aug 2009 After much thought of whether to head onto Butte or back to Great Falls, Falls won, simply as I new the … Continue reading

Bad Astronomy: Hubble’s Hotties

Reissued in HD. Bad Astronomer Phil Plait explores his favorite images from the early days of Hubble. Visit Phil on His amazing book “Death from the Skies” is now available in paperback via Duration : 0:5:7 … Continue reading

NASA Astronomy Pictures Of The Week [3/2010]

NASA Astronomy Pictures of the Week (3/2010). — • • — ► Eclipse over the Temple of Poseidon The Moon moved to partly block the Sun for a few minutes last week as a partial solar eclipse became … Continue reading

Amateur Astronomy Sky this Week ending November 28, 2009

Moon interfers with dark sky viewing this week unless you are willing to get up very early in the morning. There are some brief but fairly bright passes of the ISS in the early evenings. Still time to view Jupiter … Continue reading