How to Buy a Telescope : Telescope Buying Guide: Composite Telescopes

Composite telescopes have greater focal lengths and more compact designs than standard telescopes. Find out how composite telescopes differ from other telescopes in this free video on home astronomy from a telescope salesperson.

Expert: Jesse Sturgeon
Bio: Jesse Sturgeon has served as a sales and customer service representative for Anacortes Telescope in Anacortes, Wash. for several years. He enjoys introducing people to the science & art of astronomy.
Filmmaker: Curtis Enlow

Duration : 0:2:16

[youtube 4bfVf-KbMcM]


How to Buy a Telescope : Telescope Buying Guide: Composite Telescopes — 11 Comments

  1. what is the …
    what is the difference betwen the short tube or long tube telescopes. im a beginner and want to buy a telescope to see the moon and other planets like venus, mars, jupiter and saturn. Will a short tube like the one from the ”Orion ShortTube 80-A Refractor Telescope” be good for me?
    someone answer please

  2. Can I plug it to my …
    Can I plug it to my camera?….. Haha, would be awsome standing in the park with this attached to my camera xD

  3. the more money you …
    the more money you spend the better the scope

  4. I think I’m about …
    I think I’m about too sell one of my HDTVs, so i can upgrade to a better telescope like that!.

  5. Meade or celestron …
    Meade or celestron wich is the best ease of use and reliable.

  6. Would you recomend …
    Would you recomend the celestron omni XLT 150mm newtonian reflector as a good telescopoe? Also are 2-3 variable barlows any good?

  7. You also need to …
    You also need to mention an important downside, which is the longest cool down time for any telescope.

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